Duke of York's Theatre Seating Plan

The Duke of York’s Theatre offers 640 seats so it’s small to medium in size, with seating on three levels. You can opt for the stalls, royal circle or upper circle.

The stalls cover rows AA to U and each row is a maximum of 21 seats wide. The royal circle includes rows A to F at 23 seats wide maximum. And the upper circle continues with rows A to F, at most 24 seats wide. Choose rows AA to B in the stalls for an experience so intimate that feels as though you’re actually on stage!

There are also stalls boxes either side of the stage which, while cosy, have obscured views of the stage nearside. The royal circle is at foyer level but because of the slope, most seats are only accessible via steps. The stalls are 20 steps down and there are 23 steps up to the upper circle.

Dress circle boxes A and D have slightly obstructed views and seats in the upper circle are of variable quality - it can feel cramped. But they’re cheap as chips so if you don’t mind leaning forward they’re an excellent deal!